Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Weekend Recap and My Celebrity Look-Alike

So I'm back after a kind of low key weekend. I went to bed Wednesday night feeling fine and then woke up Thursday morning with no warning whatsoever in a full blown nasty cold. So much of the last few days was spent taking it easy and hoping that my cold would leave as quickly as it came. I only have 5 sick days total for the year and so I try to avoid missing work unless I am really feeling that bad.
Some of the highlights of the weekend were hanging with my Sister and our friend Staci (we had a girls night in and ate dinner and watched the DVRed SAG awards as well as the movie Julie and Julia), relaxing and having a lazy Saturday morning with the hubby and the pup, helping at and attending the Youth Group Bunco (a fun group dice game) and taco dinner fundraiser on Saturday night, and going to "Color Me Mine" with my Mom  for some girl time and the chance to paint some pretty stuff (I painted a handheld mirror that I hope to put on my makeup vanity-I will post pics as soon as I pick it up-It takes 5 days for them to "fire" it and set the paint.)
(The only thing that would have made Bunco better was if we were playing with pink dice....well and glasses of wine but hey you can't always get everything you want..lol)
(This is all the choices of stuff to paint-Suffice to say it took us FOREVER to pick something out-and then it took even more time to choose what we were going to do to that something as far as design-and then even more time to choose paint colors and such.)
Quite a few people on Facebook are doing this whole celebrity look-alike(s) or doppleganger thing and I decided to bring it to my blog. The whole Doopleganger thing is actually pretty weird and scary as far as the legend goes but I guess that is neither here nor there. (Go read about it if you're interested: Doppleganger Info) Its interesting to see who everyone thinks or has been told they resemble. Some are more on (in my opinion) than others but hey everyones having fun so thats all that matters. 
I must have one of those faces that has a lot of common features because I am always having people tell me that I look familiar to them or asking me if I am related to so and so who looks like they could be my sister, brother, relative, etc. With that being said I have gotten told a look like quite a few different celebrities including Sarah Michelle Gellar, The Kardashian Sisters, and Toccara from America's Next Top Model (I am not even kidding on this one-I actually had a student tell me I reminded him of her....lol) just to name a few examples. But the person that I have been told by the most people I look like is the actress (Jamie Lynn Sigler) that plays Meadow Soprano on the show The Soprano's. During the height of the shows popularity I got told this many times by friends, family, and even complete strangers. 
 Do you agree????

Anyways I am getting more and more into the blogging world. I have found some really great new blogs (well new to me) that I really enjoy reading and I am loving that I connecting with new people. Thank you for all your sweet comments. 

Have a great day!!!!!


Chloé said...

wow! you totally look like Jamie Lynn Sigler! Both of you are beautiful! I am glad you commented on by blog so i could find yours! i am now a follower! oh and i have only been to color me mine 2 times, and both were on first dates..and i never got my item back! sad! :(

Alexandra said...

omgsh melissa, she's your twin!!!! i love it!

Miss Caitlin S. said...

I love painting ceramics!! So much fun!!!! And I totally see your doppelganger :)

I BLEED PINK said...

You do look like Jamie, but thats a good thing, because she is a cutie...LOL!!