Thursday, February 4, 2010

Your Advice is Needed!!!!

This weekend I have a much needed hair appointment. I have been debating what I should do to my hair since I am ready for some kind of change (well at least I think I At first I thought maybe it was time to go shorter BUT I have done short hair in the past and I am not really a fan and neither is the hubby to be honest. I think short hair makes my face look rounder (especially when I am currently holding on to some un-needed extra lbs right now) AND because I have a lot of hair it does this whole poofy thing that is just not very manageable. As weird as it sounds my hair is more manageable when it is longer. 
I have thought about coloring my hair because currently I am going au naturel. BUT I have always gotten tons of compliments on my hair color (some people have even thought it was dyed) and so I don't really see a point in spending the time and money to upkeep something that is good already. I would maybe consider highlights of some sort but I was thinking more along the lines of BANGS. 
I use to have massive bangs when I was a kid. My mom was a big fan of bangs. 
(Thanks to my Mom here is the start of my massive bangs-note I was a fan of pink even back
(I look like I'm in a commercial for Knotts Berry Farm circa 1989-once again note the massive bangs covering the entire forehead!!)
In 8th grade I finally decided to rid myself of the bangs that I had lived my entire life with (well the part that I could remember anyways). It took what seemed like FOREVER but I grew them out. And aside from having some layered pieces around my bang line I have pretty much stayed away from bangs ever since. I think that my reluctance to bangs may of been from kind of out of some type of
(The closest I have come to bangs since 8th grade! Also sorry for the finger in this pic-I think one of the kids at the daycare I worked at in college took this

So my blogging friends, I need YOUR help! I have told by some people that I don't need bangs because I have a small forehead. And while this I think is meant as a compliment I am still contemplating getting bangs because I think it would be a good change. 
(This is my me and my hair (or is it my hair and I) as of more recent)

Should I get bangs????? 

I want to be able to reference someone when and if I request bangs from my lovely hairgirl. Here are some possible bang reference options (if you have a better suggestion PLEASE share it):

Well thats all I could find that I thought may work. PLEASE let me know what you think!!! 
Thanks in advance! :)


Kinsey Michaels said...

Hey girl! I think you could definitely go with a sideswept bang. I'm not sure I'd get the straight across style. The sideswept kind is nice because you can have them, but also push them aside or pull them back with some bobby pins. Go for it! I also think your hair color would look very pretty with some light caramelish colored highlights :)


Alicia said...

i say go for the bangs!! a little switch up is always good! i have CRAZY hair and i recently just chopped it all off and i LOVE it! so i say do it! and girl....i'm a cali girl myself! whoop whoop!!


You should definitely do it! It will love beautiful with your face! Just don't do them to long because you don't want to hide your beautiful eyes!