Friday, March 25, 2011

Fun & Fabulous Friday: The Princess of Pop

Friday is a day that I have always associated with being fun and fabulous. Knowing the weekend is only hours away makes Fridays at work or school seem so much more bearable then any other day of the week. So with that being said I present to you (drum roll, please)....Fun & Fabulous Fridays. This will be the day that I will share my random inspirations and loves with you. Stuff that will undoubtedly have you ready for a weekend of being fabulous while having tons of fun. :)

Since her brand new album comes out this Tuesday (March 29th) I have decided that for my first Fun &Fabulous Friday, I will honor a woman that is in my opinion fabulous and fun--the Princess of Pop herself, the legendary--MS. BRITNEY SPEARS
I love me some Britney. I have loved her from the very beginning and I will love her until the very end. Even when she got all kinds of crazy there for a little while, I still loved her and was rooting for her. And the fact that she has gotten things back together makes me so happy for her. She isn't always the classiest celeb out there. Or even the one that makes the best decisions. But she is the kind of girl that I feel like I could be friends with. She is silly and quirky and she still manages to have all kinds of southern charm. And I'm not even talking about her music yet. Her music is the BEST!!! It is great--get off your butt and dance or workout--kind of music. It is music that makes me HAPPY. Music that makes me want to drive around in a convertible (I wish i had one so I could do this...hahaha) blasting song after song while I loudly, proudly, and probably off-key sing along at the top of lungs.

Her 7th and newest studio album is called Femme Fatale. You can listen to the entire album (sans bonus tracks that come on the deluxe edition) before it comes out here. It got great reviews from Rolling Stone and Entertainment Weekly
I am definitely a fan of the newest addition to her albums! And I can't wait to purchase the deluxe edition first thing Tuesday. Britney proves even more (not that she ever had to prove anything to me) with this album why she has earned her title and why she isn't going anywhere anytime soon.
I especially LOVE track #s 1, 2, 3, 4, 7, 9, and 12.....hahaha I just realized that's like half the album but its just THAT good.

 To finish up my first Fun & Fabulous Friday post here are some of my favorite images (old and new) of the Princess of Pop.

Hope you all have an amazing weekend!!

Sending you love and booty shaking good music!!


I BLEED PINK said...

I love me some Brit Brit!!!

Alicia said...

heck yes! i love brit!! she may not be the fierce dancer she was back in the day, but girl still brings it! anywho...send me your info doll...i'll get your gift certificate in the mail for ya!! thanks! :)