Thursday, March 3, 2011

About me.....

I found this in an old email and thought it would be fun. Some of the questions are missing but oh well....

1. Name: Melissa
2. Birthday: 8/23/84
3. Birthplace: Burbank, CA
4. Current Location:
My Home
5. Eye Color:
6. Height:
5'1" (I'm a shorty.)
7. Right or Left Handed:
8. The Shoes You Wore Today:
Black Candies Wedges
9. Your most Overused Phrase: 
This is a hard one. Its not so much a phrase but I do say "really" a lot when I'm annoyed or frustrated by something or someone....
10. Thoughts First Waking Up:
WEEKDAYS: cannot already be time to get up. I am soooo not ready to do it all over again today. WEEKENDS: No.....oh wait I don't have to go to work. YAY!!! (I would actually consider myself a morning person but in a really weird way. I like to get up and enjoy the morning and be awake for it but I am not super awake right away in the mornings and I like peace and quiet so I can slowly wake up and get going. I hate the feeling of sleeping the day away so even though mornings are rough and I am more of a night owl I would still say I am a morning person because I make myself be....)
11. Your Best Physical Feature:
I have been told my eyes or my smile. (My boobs, butt, and feet have also gotten a lot of attention...hahaha)
12. Your Bedtime:
Since I like to workout every morning I try to go to sleep by 10:30pm the latest. Let's just say this doesn't always work out.
13. Your Most Missed Memory:
Probably ones that involve my Nanna.
14. Your Fears:
Dying before I have accomplished all that I want to accomplish and losing those close to me are probably the two biggest.
15. Your Weakness:
I have, accessories, food, being too nice and too concerned about not hurting others feelings, not liking it when I don't get my way...those are probably the ones that get me into the most trouble.
16. Perfect Pizza:
BJ's restaurant cheese with extra tomatoes and buffalo sauce on the side.
20. Pepsi or Coke:
ummm.....WATER or Iced Tea for me please! Soda just doesn't really do it for me. I will have it sometimes or in mixed drinks but I don't think to drink it, buy it, or order it usually.
21. McDonald or Burger King:
My husband and I really don't eat much fast food (he really doesn't like us to eat it so its usually more of a treat when we're on the road going somewhere) but probably McDonald's for their fries if I had to choose.
22. Single or Group Dates:
Depends on whats on the agenda for the date. Both can be nice.
23. Lipton Ice Tea or Nestea:
24. Chocolate or Vanilla:
Both Please.
25. Cappuccino or Coffee:
Coffee with Sugar Free Creamer
26. Do you Smoke: Nope.

27. Do you Swear:
I try not to but at times I do. It really depends on who I am around I've noticed.
28. Do you Sing: Yes but its definitely not a talent I have...hahaha
29. Do you Shower Daily:
generally speaking definitely!
30. Have you Been in Love:
I have been for over 10 years now!
31. Going to College?:
Check!! I have my B.A. in History with a minor in Political Science and a Secondary Education Credential in Social Studies. Now I need to just start working on finishing my masters....
32. Going to get Married:
Already did this one!! I was blessed to have married the love of my life and my very best friend on 7/7/07!!!
33. Believe in yourself:
For the most part yes.
34. Get Motion Sickness:
Ummm sometimes in cars and on boats. I think a lot of factors play into this one.
35. Think you are Attractive:
I don't think I'm a dog if that's what your asking.....Like all girls I have days where I feel more attractive than others.
36. Are you a Health Freak:
No. I try to be aware and better about things but I wouldn't say health freak.
37. Get along with your Parents:
Yep! I was blessed with amazing ones!
38. Like Thunderstorms:
If I can be inside under a blanket enjoying them with the hubs and our pup!
39. Play an Instrument:
Yeah when I said that singing is not a talent, I should of just generalized and said that music is something I love but definitely not a talent I possess. I wish I did but I just am not good with tone, rhythm, beat, pitch, and any other music type things.

Well that's it for today. I hope I have shared some stuff with you that you may of not known about me otherwise. I would love to see your answers to these same questions. What kinds of things do we have in common and which ones are we completely different on???

Sending lots of love your way!!!


Miss Caitlin S. said...

Hey! Our book club meets once a month to every 8 weeks- depending on everyone's schedule and the length of the book. We found that 1.5 months is a good time to go. Each girl hosts her turn in a rotation and with that, she gets to pick out the book we read, so it's pretty simple! Then, the monthly hostess also has some questions to get the ball rolling on the discussion and we all bring something to eat and drink and it's tons of fun thereafter: food, wine, discussion, we love it! I think if you can get a good group going then the rest will fall into place :) Also, these questionnaires are funny, I used to always do them. I love that your favorite shoe is black candies wedges :) haha. I used to wear those all the time too! And I'm so with you on number 28. :)

I BLEED PINK said...

I love these, and getting to really know the people you read everyday!