Thursday, February 10, 2011

In Honor of Valentine's Day

Happy Thursday Everyone!!!

FYI: I am trying really hard to blog once a week and so I have made Thursday night my blog night. If I happen to blog more than that or at other times during the weeks, that's even better but as long as I get my Thursday in I feel like I can be happy with that.

Anyway so now on to my tribute to Valentine's Day. Personally I think the love (no matter what type it is and who it comes from) in ones life should be celebrated daily. However, I also think its nice to have a day to have fun with and I have to admit I love all the Valentine's stuff that is out at all the stores since a lot of it is PINK so really I'm not complaining about this declared day of love. Since I may not blog again before the day of chocolates, roses, and all things sweet that is quickly approaching (and since I think a fun post is much needed after last weeks post), I thought I would blog about my favorite TV and movie fictional couples. 

 Joey and Pacey
Dawson's Creek
 I loved this show and watched it religiously to the very tearful end. Mind you these were the days before dvr and so I remember rushing home to watch this and literally running from the car to the house so i would not miss one amazing moment. I really need to buy the complete series now that it is out. hahaha. But yeah from the first season I wanted this couple together and when it happened I was ecstatic and literally jumping around my living room. Even after they broke up I literally lived for the tiny moments that they would have. The chemistry and love between them still gives me shivers and I am so glad they ended the show with them together.

Zac and Kelly 
Saved by the Bell
So corny, so sweet, so 1990's---really what's not to love?! This was probably one of the first couples that I was always rooting for and that I just could not get enough of.

Noah and Allie
The Notebook
I love them and I love this movie. I especially love the lines that Noah says outside of the house toward the end of the movie ( because it sums up a lot of mine and my husbands relationship. I am very bummed that their real life counterparts did not last because the hopeful romantic in me loved that they were together but I guess it can't all go your way.

Chuck and Blair 
Gossip Girl
They are just too made for each other and I love them for it. I really didn't want to watch this show but I had read the books with my sister and so I couldn't help tuning in to see the similarities and differences. The schemes, bantering, and chemistry of this relationship really got me hooked and now I never miss a week.

Ariel and Eric 
The Little Mermaid
This is one of my all time favorite movies and so I couldn't leave them out. I think this movie really reminds us that sometimes when it comes to love you just know its right. Seriously though please don't watch the sequel because it will ruin it for you. I just choose to block and it and pretend it never happened and just picture their lives the way I would like for them to be living happily ever after....hahahahahaha

Topanga and Cory
Boy Meets World
The show followed them from geeky innocent little middle schoolers all the way through to them being married and I loved every minute of it. They just have that something that you can't help but adore.

Ike and Maggie
Runaway Bride
I know most people would say that they like Pretty Women more than this movie, but while I love Pretty Women I think I love this movie and their characters in it even more. The connection that you feel from that at certain parts of this movie is just amazing and is very swoon worthy. I love the way they get to know each other and fall in love and I love the message this movie reminds us of about being true to yourself and loving and knowing yourself first before you love someone else.

Yay for love and the couples that inspire us to love!! All year long and at this part of the year especially, cherish and celebrate the love that you in have in your life. Its an extremely precious thing that makes all the difference in the world.

Love and wishes for a great Valentine's Day to all.....

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