Thursday, January 27, 2011

2010 in Review: Part One

Ok so I know we are almost a month into 2011 but since I am returning after such a long hiatus I feel like a recap of my 2010 is necessary before I can really get into 2011.

2010 is a hard year to describe. It had a lot of great moments in it but it also had some of the most difficult I have ever went through. 

...My Favorite Parts of 2010...
*BIG BEAR February 2010*

*CABO SAN LUCAS March/April 2010*

*VEGAS July 2010*

*NEW ORLEANS July 2010*

*TEXAS August 2010*

*VEGAS November 2010*

I'll be back soon with part two of my 2010 recap. 

Love and good memories.....

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