Thursday, January 13, 2011

I'm Back!!!!

Wow. So my last post I told you of my computer issues and promised that I would be back soon. HOWEVER, I lied. I wasn't back shortly. When I started writing this I had to look and I am ashamed to say I have been gone for 10.5 MONTHS!!! :( I cannot believe it has been that loooooong!

I really don't even have a good reason for being away for sooo long. AND I can't even blame my computer issues because I had my computer back and in full working order the week following that post. I think it was just a combination of things. The more time away from blogging the easier it got to completely let it go. But I am back and I am making another go of it. I have a pretty good plan in place to ensure that I blog at least once a week and so I am feeling really good about things.

Even though I haven't been writing I did still manage to keep up with reading many of your blogs. I am so inspired and amazed at what talented, beautiful, sweet people I have been able to "meet" through blogging. I wish you all nothing but the best and I hope the new year is treating you well.

While I have been gone from the blogging world, some things have been going on in my life that I will definitely be sharing in future post. And I am sure that I will have you updated and be back on track in no time. But for this first one back I am just going to keep it simple and say----it feels GREAT to be back!!!

Love to all of you.........xoxoxox

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